Genre: Rock from the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s with sing alongs such as Queen, AC/DC, Blues Brothers, Meatloaf

Five musicians

Years of playing formed our own sound signature

Rock Party band

Prepare to rock across the galaxy and invite us on your event.

Welcome to radio Vader

Where rock meets the stars

It was a great performance! The band got everyone dancing and singing along. The warm summer evening suddenly became the hottest party in Lendelede and the surrounding area.

Lotte S., Skalulfeesten

The first time at Hulste Kermis they were still first on the Saturday stage. We immediately booked them again but as headliners. Big party!

Feestcomité Hulste

We provided a surprise for our guests with a performance by Radiovader ,the guys almost literally played the joints out of the walls there. Super cool group delivering quality in a very congenial way.

Yoeri D. , Private show

Radio vader not just another cover band! Entertaining from start to finish. A well constructed set and then great delivery too. THEY ROCK!!! Next time I’ll bring a bra to throw again

Company Party

A certainty on quality sing-alongs

Henri D., Bockor Rock
Radio Vader’s rock covers are a thrilling homage to the classics, capturing the essence and energy that made the original songs timeless. Their performance is a testament to the enduring power of rock ‘n’ roll
Freddie Mercury, London